WPX has employed Gonzo for nearly six years to assist with water management of its facilities. Throughout the years, Gonzo has continuously sought ways to improve operations without sacrificing the health and safety of personnel or damage to the environment.
Gonzo has demonstrated a commitment to excellence over the years that has improved not only our operations but has saved us money. Gonzo also demonstrates high-level concerns for the environment and areas they work in. Gonzo has worked in populated areas south of the river between Battlement Mesa and Rulison. I honestly can say I do not remember the last time I had a complaint from a landowner or the county/state.
Over the past three years (2012-2014), Gonzo has moved over 21 million barrels of water for WPX either by pumping or trucking. I would have no issues in recommending Gonzo for any work they may be seeking or services you are requesting from them.
WPX Energy

I have always been impressed with Gonzo’s commitment to providing the best possible solutions to efficiently move and manage water, not only from the technical but also an environmental and total cost perspective.
The Gonzo team has provided many levels of service, from basic production water movements, pipeline management, trucking, injection well operations and most recently providing high volume water movements to our completions team’s horizontal program. I do feel Gonzo’s employees are committed to providing best-in-class service and environmental protection.
WPX Energy