Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gonzo Oil Field Services is experienced in preventing and containing hazardous situations that may occur at any time during construction and production in the oil and gas industry. We are dedicated to keeping people safe and preserving the environment while enabling you to maximize your production. The underlying foundation of Gonzo operations is keeping people safe first while protecting the environment. Whether in the field or in the office, our employees promote and maintain the safest working conditions possible with the goal of accident-free productivity.


Gonzo has produced a customized health and safety manual specifically for its various working environments. The manual encompasses oil and gas industry standards as well as the guidelines established by OSHA and EncOSHA. Our safety program includes ongoing employee education and an in-house field safety coordinator. We don't wait until complications happen; we anticipate and strive to prevent problems from occurring. Gonzo's safety awareness and proactive training are constantly evolving. We continuously review our processes to detect hazardous trends and analyze near-misses. Then we revise our procedures to eliminate potential harmful incidents such as injuries, spills, and equipment damage. Customized safety tools, proven environmental consciousness, and a stellar track record are just a few of the reasons Gonzo is at the forefront of the industry in safety awareness and implementation.